Summum Woman Green Label

Care for Green, that is our sustainable mission. We want to make people aware of the importance of sustainability. In entrepreneurship, in our products and in our lifestyle.

We have a big heart for fashion. Since 1998 we have been making widely varied collections that allow women to experiment and vary in their own style. Together with our employees, we are passionately committed to designing clothes that make the women who wear our clothes feel beautiful and look their best.

We are not only a close-knit family that takes good care of our customers and each other. At Summum Woman we also have a heart for the people who make our clothes, for animals and for the planet. After all, the way we produce our clothing also impacts them. And for that we take our responsibility.

Sustainability is part of our culture, at all levels. We do this step by step, every day, by working on our sustainable goals. Structured processes and shared responsibilities ensure that corporate responsibility is in our DNA. We have set up a special CSR team with colleagues from different departments, because together we are stronger and we achieve the most. Sustainable entrepreneurship is a journey that never ends.

And because we love transparency, we also show how we do it. That way you are aware of how we work and you know what you are buying.

Care for Green.